Otherwise, the control circuitry in the projector cannot tell what kind of signal it is, especially sync signals.

If a video amplifier is not used, image The noise that users hear normally came from: 1.

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When connects to a DVD source, the display brightness and color seems There are 2 type of explanation: A.

DLP projector has a similar bright/dark spot failure just like a LCD monitor.

No other metal halide lamps can be used with the Ben Q projectors because the lamps were specially designed for Ben Q projector families.

MP611/MP611c/MP721/MP721c and MP770/SP830/SP831 can have my screen function.

However, MP770 and SP series has the hot key on the remote and user can change it very easily.

For MP6 &7 series, they need to buy the special RS232 cable (optional) from Ben QThe life-span of light bulbs used in the projector can be categorized as 1500, 2000, and 3000 hours.It is commonly used to rate the brightness of a data projector.An ANSI lumen rating uses an average of several measurements taken across the face of the light source.Some customer may complain that the result of the display varies when connecting to different signal resource.For example when projecting using a PC, the luminance contrast is better.If the projector is continuously used for a long period of time (more then 4 hours) or having poor heat disputations when using, the life spend of the light bulb will be shortened due to the heat unable to dispute normally.