– the screen also had dust and lint inside also very noticeable on a white background.

I have no idea how it got in there but I decided to clean it up too.

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If you have to replace the AC adapter, make sure you use a correct one.

The output voltage must be exactly the same as on the original adapter.

I was pretty confident because I didn’t really care if I break the screen, I just wanted to know if it’s possible to fix it. Here’s my Dell Latitude D610 notebook with water damaged screen I’m going to take apart. Remove two screws from the front and two screws from both sides.

Warning: the LCD screen can be easily damaged if you open it up. Carefully remove the LCD screen from the cover and place it on the notebook base.

Hopefully, you’ll find a somewhat noticeable improvement in multitasking, especially if you’re a notebook user.

Of course with the variety of PC hardware, experience many vary.To do this, follow these steps: After this you’ll have to restart your computer, go to BIOS and enable AHCI.When you log in to Windows again, you’ll notice the installation of drivers for AHCI.But an issue with AHCI is that if you install the OS without enabling AHCI in the BIOS, enabling it after installation will render your OS unusable.This is because Windows disable the AHCI driver since it is not needed during the installation.To fix both problems I had to open up the LCD screen.