Upgrading to i OS 11.1.2, in this case, will force you to relinquish your current jailbreak.

However, it will prime your device for the upcoming full-blown jailbreak with Cydia.

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Updating your phone is a gamble, and the odds aren't even.

Decreased battery life, keyboard bugs, and general performance glitches are always a risk.

The first group who shouldn't upgrade: Jailbreakers.

I've never jailbroken my phone, mostly because it sounds like a lot of work, but a number of my friends are incredibly loyal to the procedure.

Replace futurerestore with ./futurerestore_macos if you are on mac OS.

Replace “–latest-baseband” with “–no-baseband” if you are using an i Pod touch.

But the reward stays the same, while the risk gets higher, the older your phone is.

If you're happy with the way your phone is running, there's little need to take that risk.

In some cases, it will be worth the risk of avoiding the update.

For example, i OS 11 fixed the KRACK vulnerability, but that was already very difficult for hackers to exploit.

And given the speed at which Apple has been rolling out i OS updates lately, and then more rushed updates to fix the bugs in those updates, it's not unthinkable that an update could bring new vulnerabilities too, as we saw with mac OS High Sierra.