RPM macro is set to the particular value for this installation, and the set of installed locales is adjusted accordingly.

updating servers with rpm-4

Download the official source code using the links below.

We recommend running the Clam AV Stable Version on production systems. Find Win32, Mac OS X, Linux & BSD signatures in the Alternate Versions section.

| get smtp-vilter Qmail-Scanner is an add-on that enables a Qmail email server to scan all gateway-ed email for certain characteristics (i.e. It is typically used for its anti-virus protection functions, in which case it is used in conjunction with external virus scanners. | get qmail-scanner Simscan is a simple program enables qmail-smtpd to reject viruses, spam and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the email never makes it into your computers.

but also enables a site (at a server/site level) to react to email that contains specific strings in particular headers, or particular attachment filenames or types (e.g. It is completely open source and uses other open source compoments (see below). | get simscan Clamdmail is a qmail-queue replacement that allows mail to be filtered, greylisted, or rejected before queuing based on connection information and message content by providing an interface for programs like clamd-greylist, clamdscan and Spam Assassin.

For the stable release, the packages are updated via the Stable Updates mechanism.

If you require support for scanning compressed RAR files you first need to enable the non-free archive and then you can install the RAR-plugin using: To test the installation, you can try to scan the test files in the clamav-testfiles package.

If your network is segmented or the end hosts are unable to reach the Internet, you should investigate setting up a private local mirror.

If this is not viable, you may use these direct download links: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- m QINBFj3n AABEADRS B5sv1An RBvf8d LFd9zu Xj Fc7e lae TKc GUKh M4AV8G2q JU wf QFu35J8D5Pk Tit/q CYCpnrc E9g R1t Tvh SDy0ek Wf Nlqzukf LRv L5Vu Mq08 ebz 3Qa QP2lv Bzhw5af In LSfu1xj MHdd6048k GUOCGQj BZp Nd0t Ot0QNfoq TUz AN0Jaq l Wnbj Gm2k Ix D6gyug G031TCc RE ck9dxg67KEEXl GNmp UF6GWroz B t RKt9VP/hc db/Qyri3DIEI1RJl SJh Brbas SBb Sk Ba H0m DOQ3NAxfq95/2r Y/K0kg1o8Ysx VKvz p1FLE/3Cwxbs81JLtvrrapfm FZFOSah BLy MFDLet7y m7r8f UMjj7b Se Ww Is Gc Pa Jh m YEZOib Jkg Qcgc FE3v P Px9m Xa99Vm D0i Vj8w It4s VGxj Kn Rr4o Wp D4/A3E4 Kjx Kapnr E45Wci Sjakxt BMl3ltb T3F D4Tpnq2ij L7pw Ml Nreegu Ie VDFGd jv YY m5d Gfjm FQh Z29Fp VDHjhkb Dx0JILJF2YRofcml4Z B3Hwqr1JQet GYi DVOZCEUZ V4d Vmh UBs Efbzn XT7 Ss V u34F3IOVs7m0b Qb2ty3unl UGm Eo P2LVPz WZWHQN4vu X41e0t 3d ZCur Mv CLd U2V4XIGCw ACAF5WFhx9x Pm Zdm SAYj Ij RKu3KSy1QARAQAB t Dt UYWxvcy Ao VGFsb3Ms IENpc2Nv IFN5c3Rlb XMg SW5j Likg PHJlc2Vhcm No QHNv d XJj ZWZpcm Uu Y29t Pok CPQQTAQo AJw UCWPec AAIb Aw UJB4Yfg AULCQg HAw UVCgk I Cw UWAg MBAAIe AQIXg AAKCRDx P54Wv KW/r QZn D/9x Wi C/y9JEsb Hns Nrz Gos GQxsp QSxg Dc HUM0hjuhfpx Dya T/bm/q Jc HWDLh7c/Wi L0B1b9b Gaj/so Sn5ZSKa SAy Th F S48u G0q1r Flr2E/v P4Ex Zac LLnd RHD4oa R/glp NLs B60skz2b70Iaz Sfm4uv KE0 Wb7Eg Xm3exy Jx S2vht51x Lv Pxj VY7r VVJ7o QKMgv Z9w MUj9kwbb7V/yto YUVg G N0a J7tzuy Ok2De Z/0Mh4sw EQ5QQE9X2KREOAfcrfpny V8v Ir Tnw Sian6Kstuo AN9 Ux tq XS9Smex Ta ILqw Xi0C1k7Loy5GDIKxw QHYI5x J4e Qb JNTGWTb Gz QDd8VLRN4 9yy0DYrayf Ten Wvsn Bh S27X/d Kit ZVT90v Klq Ea EMYRXV2d6Bu9Hq/USv1 AAFBB MMi/9UBf3NHI3eg Np//Ok UReius UImiq7TEBYSXmp VJ5L8Sb Diah Z YUz JHkd5u j6BLNybj9k Gil GRf3Is Rqcu1BNv O8pq E/Gkw Dp DXXQWgf Oyk Tfl CROK32Nz4 asr 0y5Q73Miifkq TD0f/b Dsry Htz GM EIg81Fc UCrt AHf/K9JDephw Xstrh Xue9Uupp Arg/i HXXOcx R0Thrr RN Fx10/5e2ALr Vely5ZNZVhuvxg6EKzw Jdnyw6Iiv JB/27 Ivlaae Lwp Fa Vg Hg XIbk CDQRY95w AARAAq H5s Ch ZORId5RJv3PQWm FZw LAIWaj0Zy 7QQn Uv Jec Ai0do Qe2w4f GTZOSf OX4Lx PVg Hkc59om Pn Ds30s Vp8Yi Gt4lu SLv Q49 Oh KUt PW6Z5B3Ux Tdb ZCF1zs8t3tk Hk Gjxwfbho ZKdyr Jv VQ7tz2l7lxi SI6x65I7 v/ au TUc ihsk SSCvm6Xe X3ek KOWJ96pn LIt C1Pvh2bd4BOW4sw Sl XZ2k1/p1c2G 5v C7b Fw UJbb67Y9w PJl0n CCBz ZCf Atg Mm Kieq51rvt J/83CNf8P7d Mm Zb Rw Up4f N x LPrvoc DAJn3drfo KV3e X3st5M7SODKIF2ggl XIQw Yb1h/IJSRap9tgkt OQVBBuy t I6n1zo2Ga5k RK06t X/NBVRQI8we8WR8e PVkg0b ZYIo1EKNa89xj Tw QXqrbmvs7F VSps V2z Mt Mu6z Dt JBc AGW 1feo7m1k L5ZGR4Dl3rbd Imq2Ad At2TRfis ZYm YAQyw h Ia7e Nted2Bxs4KWrgw Hgkk1ljjn/w F3Iny KXny SPIp W2LT k RWS0Kuj IDei ZTp5 t AQP2qf L2m Fc Stye BSq DW6s725a2o Yv74y Cycbb YSD3nxjru Wr YVj F01/MKo Sx5o BFRk N7/n4h Ipvc Sl Izmm FPocb ZCRTP9 4Miewq7e9ASnx vx Fpel BZTM1Oe DZd B z Ev Tjbq K698AEQEAAYk CJQQYAQo ADw UCWPec AAIb DAUJB4Yfg AAKCRDx P54Wv KW/ r QELEACGWflvc Vbhme SAb Jq ZNRc UGHQ0o2YMEHpt Ers0f6KVh Bl I6Ouc37VHJg H0 Vu75o5C/aag Ngh MPd AKCGf4Db Yc Bd8Fz M7EHZsp Mc G5/rr E9z X9z Ylcd D8KAN5Nm ZZQz6 ht Mz D6ROd JWjkdn Ip Zv Ab/6we Spj9ZI1h Ah Mr 2 k U13f Uk70x2c WGMVs T Lp Tj Oo4ad0Qec5/s4MZ7en Gz34DJLLCIzc A3K2S6Ax O4cucord6on Ikgik Dq0Lv X Rf Mp18n 0vl Ek6msuh SYAi04i PAS/mb YCpsu NMQef F6LJm ICMpn2Vm4TOW6GMIa9 lil C0ood VYYCKvhd XWB1MRo O5axnx Sr NNLm8s7px R5Nz Rv Lx Bi Bx Vq AJuw4rv Fx N 4BZ5M1JSZWu2Rcz xeh/sz XRm WUb LScr4hw QRBSi2efiq PYjk Wmxk8MJ5p Hvw NK1 DO33H3bt Rri WK7RZYRYq2Bjpuo8i Gevg Z5pyi Jk X1p72Uehk C6og Gg W2ULgol IUa Lk Zivq7Z2v ICdou OKAh A2/Qa QG0m A7O7Rd OLWPX7EH720e4yq UPH9Hxv95EAe Ykr 4Zg38cdi Ievqjw UOwj Mpxt IAj3ol Ov BFbiq JW5PICm7vi5HMIXuw Q6a Ig SVDfic Tjaszr4bk Qdr3Opqh R4 ZN5/BAKY4IIz Mmv F6v1X8s9Dtzj FFg== =rm We -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Various third parties have developed versions of Clam AV to work on a variety of operating systems. Installation instructions for many operating systems can be found in the documentation.

For those who want the newest version, packages are available from the security project in the open Su SE Build Service. Open CSW is a community software project for Solaris 8 on both Sparc and x86.