Windows Xp Pro Sp3 VL Gamer Edition DVD x86 July 2012 made by Team-Li L special thanks to ghost killa for stripped down xp idea’s this windows was made with xp pro student sp0 RTM as the source disk, with Sp3 Build 5512 added and upto date hotfixes added no need for any wga cracks with this one it passes online as fully Genuine (student edition based proper student key) official validation of Microsoft You do not need to use cracks and stuff, install and use as if you have a licensed copy.

This so-called “student” copy of XP, it is used for educational purposes and there fore it is designed for multiple installation without further contact with black-list Windows Genuine Advantage.

Short Googling returned few articles explaining how to patch the to support concurrent sessions, so I pulled out my favorite HEX editor and with few clicks everything was up and running again. Go to C:\Windows\system32\dllcache and rename the to bak 1.

To save so time for other users (and myself when upgrading more computers), I’ve packaged the updated file with another file that will make the required changes to your registry. Go to \Windows\System32 folder and rename to bak 2.

as its a fully unattended install i burned the iso image with nero..

this will fit on a dvd-rom please do a clean install from system bootup with this windows disk.

In this opportunity, I will share a cool modified operating system called Black Edition, It is an OS of Windows XP that has been modified and optimized.

What makes it different with the common the original one is that this edition has been already integrated with LAN, SATA/AHCI, WLAN, and many others. The dominated color is black, as given at its name.

Copy the new SP3 patched to \Windows\System32 folder 3. NOTE: if you are currently using Terminal Services, you will need to start windows in safe mode before you can overwrite the existing files.

Run the included registry patch “ts_concurrent_session_patch.reg” (by double clicking it), it will update the relevant registry values which are relevant to the concurrent sessions support. Alon UPDATE 7/June/08: I’ve added a note to the installation instructions suggesting to remove another copy of that resides in the dllcache directory (Anthoney, thanks for the tip).

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