Of course, there’s also the willy-nilly copy-and-paste from the Interwebs approach, but I discourage using others’ code (including mine) without understanding what it does.All that said, nileshc posted a nice little snippet the other day that I thought I’d share.nileshc‘s example takes advantage of this Web Service to grab information about the current user from the User Profile using Get User Profile By Name instead, which gives you a lot more to work with.

Just open it and navigate to Manage User Profiles page.

As said earlier, the email address you see in User Information List is used by Share Point for notification.

It’s a good function because it works with any version or license of Share Point (20), but it’s not exactly efficient or elegant.

It basically loads the _layouts/page and screen scrapes the values from it.

From Power Shell, use the following command line to check the email address: Make sure the Login Name value is form of claim (i:0#.w|) If you like to do something like a DBA, query the User Info table of the content database where your site collection is stored within.

Below is the sample T-SQL code snippet The second place you’ve got to see the email address is user profile service application.

Debug messages appear to monitor progress of execution but was not helpful.

I tried to google the message, found out that the error happened as the code is trying to create a term or term set with an unique identifier (GUID) which already exists in the taxonomy store.

(Who knew that screen scraping would once again be cool, and even useful?