While English is considered a growing language in the country, your chances of coming across a fluent English speaker would be slim, so there will be a need for translations if you are writing or emailing. That will mean she has a bit more independence than, say, a rural worker in a country town. That is always a real plus when you are courting a woman from another country. If you come across a young hottie while scouring the dating sites, don’t be deterred about her age.Learn how to say “Hello” in Uzbek (‘A-salaam aleikum’) or “How’s it going? If she’s 25 and you’re a fit, healthy 50-year old, go for it!Dating a woman in Uzbekistan can be considered to be an adventure.

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One thing about the break-up of the USSR a few years ago – it left the world with a lot of ‘stans’!

The major religion is Islam, and that’s worth mentioning when it comes to chasing the Uzbek ladies.

On the plus side, the US had the use of the country from which they flew sorties into Afghanistan, so that meant a higher toleration of Americans at that time.

The country and family are ruled in a patriarchal way, and men rule the family and boys rule the girls.

There are two types of women in the country – the ones you have sex with and the ones you marry.

The women can best be described as being from Turkish and Persian (Iraq / Iran) origins.

Uzbekistan is a country with more than 60% of rural population, so the country lifestyle dominates the way people live and think.

Uzbekistan was once right in the middle of the ancient Silk Road trade route that connected China with the Middle East and Rome.

It was a part of the Soviet Union for 200 years before it became an independent nation in 1991.

With the two centuries of Russian influences and gene mixing, the women are reasonably tall, few blondes and many brunettes, some cute, some stunning and some average.