Two primitive data types are for floating type decimal values – float and double.

New APIs have been added to enable you to get the source or target object or the associated property.

When you have a Binding Expression, use the following APIs to get information about the target and source.

WPF enables you to access and modify data collections on threads other than the one that created the collection.

This enables you to use a background thread to receive data from an external source, such as a database, and display the data on the UI thread.

Java programming language also comes with Wrapper classes for all these primitive data types.

Below table shows all these primitive data types with size, range, default value and different ways to assign them..For example, suppose that an application uses a Data Grid to list stocks in a stock market and the stocks are sorted by stock value.If live sorting is enabled on the stocks' Collection View, a stock's position in the Data Grid moves when the value of the stock becomes greater or less than another stock's value.Two typical cases where an item container is removed are when an item is removed from the underlying collection and when virtualization is enabled on the Items Control.In these cases, the Data Context property of the item container will be set to the sentinel object that is returned by the Binding Operations. You should check whether the Data Context is equal to the Disconnected Source object before accessing the Data Context of an item container.that passes Property Changed Event Args to the event handler.