So I should be able to tell use the default behavior when I use edited Itemposition, how do I do that.

Thanks, I actually think you cannot do this server-side validation.

(But I'd imagine each row 'shares' a renderer object via a factory so there is no actual "list" to iterate over..) Ideas?

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i.e I enter null in a cell, I tab out, it correctly displays the error message "Value cannot be null".

I enter a value in the cell, then the value is sent to backend database to see if it is valid and then brings back some related information. error message is displayed on the next cell if it is the second time.

One of the reasons for that is the Itemeditend event and the corresponding function for the next cell is triggered on, when I try to itemeditposition to the cell that is being validated.

So I think I have to further programatically handle this.

Is there a way to access the item renderers for all rows of a Data Grid if you have access to the Data Grid reference?

If I could simply call a function for "each renderer" in response to a change event, I'd be good to go.validate DG1I am using prevent Default so that when press tab it does not tab out.After some validation I am forcefully trying to position the cursor on a cell by using edited Item Position, but it is not working, I believe because of event.preventdefault.To do the validation (not using a validator here), the value is needed (not a major problem in itself).But on top of that, since the validity of each row is dependent on the values of neighboring rows, it's possible to change the 'current' row to a valid value which makes other row values invalid rows to red text as the user types into an item editor (or at least when they exit the editor).Basically, I am not sure if I am using Preventdefault correctly or a sample code for a similar situation would be great.