Add() function.[Create Dynamic Label][Add event at run time]From the above we create controls at run time and now we move to next step- create event handler at run time and attach that event to the control.For the example, Suppose we need to validate entered data by user in above created Text Box, for it we need to Text Changed event of textbox1 so we use the Add Handler statement, Add Handler statement allow us to start event handling at any time during program execution means it associates an event with an event handler at run time.As new pages are added or existing pages removed, we want to be able to update a single source - the site map - and have those modifications reflected across the site's navigational user interface.

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The navigation user interface may be a simple list of links to the various sections of the site.

Alternatively, these links may be arranged into menus or tree views.

This hierarchical relationship is modeled in the XML file via the ancestry of the The above site map markup defines the hierarchy shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: The Site Map Represents a Hierarchical Navigational Structure (Click to view full-size image) ASP.

These overloads exist because the information needed to create a new user account depends on the Membership provider's configuration settings. It must be seven characters long and have at least one non-alphanumeric character." Case Else Create Account Results.

In the (the default), then when creating a new user account we must specify a security question and answer. Text = "There already exists a user with this username." Case Membership Create Status. Text = "There already exists a user with this email address." Case Membership Create Status. Text = "There email address you provided in invalid." Case Membership Create Status. Text = "There security answer was invalid." Case Membership Create Status. Text = "There was an unknown error; the user account was NOT created." End Select End Sub .

After doing so, each of the five page's markup should contain just one Content control.

All but the most trivial websites need to implement some form of a navigational user interface.

The Menu and Tree View controls render the site map structure in a menu or a tree, respectively, whereas the Site Map Path displays a breadcrumb that shows the current node being visited as well as its ancestors.