We always talked about, 'Oh, there's a Summer-Luke shape that could be interesting, or Luke-Anna originally, that we talked about at one point. '" Why the show burnt out so soon: "I think shows like this that tends to happen no matter what. They really capture a time and a moment and they burn really, really bright but they burn really fast ...

So part of it is just inherent in the genre but I do think part of it was how quickly we moved through those stories.

was responsible for making indie music mainstream: "I don't know if I feel responsible.

I guess I'm happy that all these bands are making a nice living.

When we cast [Adam Brody] he was somebody who had so much charisma and was so funny and obviously adorable for the ladies, and the network felt much more at ease with him in the part." On Fox hating Seth so much they actually tried to abort him: "I was told at one point they really did not like the Seth character early on in the pilot process and the way the note was relayed to me was, 'Could the Cohens have had an abortion?

' In the network's defense, the character of Seth may have been a little bit more annoying than he ended up being ultimately, but it was a bit harsh." Why Seth became a teen heartthrob and geek icon anyway: "I think it gave voice to a kind of kid who once they got to college was going to be fine, was going to do great, but in high school, where conformity is key, those kind of kids who can't quite conform and want to live outside of that a little bit, hadn't really had somebody to really look to onscreen who had all those qualities and got to get the girl, as well." The intentions behind the Marissa-Alex romance: "I mean, we knew that there would be a certain fun element to Seth discovering that this was going on and that he had lost this girl to Marissa (Mischa Barton), but we also wanted it to be a real relationship.

We wanted it to be very grounded emotionally and to understand why Marissa would make that choice ...

and not make too big a deal out of the fact that it was another girl.so lucy and i have spent this entire weekend (like 4 hours last night and proably about 7 today) watching season 1 of the OC… And while it did only last another short season, she was never really missed and that last season was actually one of my favorites. Yep, from Marissa Cooper, star of The OC, maker outer with Olivia Wilde and Ryan Atwood (Max Ions look-alike, am I right? The only other news I could dig up is that she is renting out her LA home for k a month, she owes a k bill to sober-coaches from 2009 and Tate Donovan (daddy Coop! Yes After going from one of the world’s most annoying characters to a super likable one, Taylor Townsend, aka Autumn Reeser, did a bunch of stuff in TV & Film that you can read about on imdb and most importantly, had a cute kid and started a really great blog called Move Lifestyle. #Thatsnormal Seth and Summer are not only THE ultimate TV couple, they are the ultimate Real life couple. He loves Comic Books, she fulfills as Wonder Woman fantasy. find time alone (or somewhere with the girls) and watch the ENTIRE season. She’s so adorable now that you’ll completely forgot how she used to drive you nuts until that time when you realized what a terrible mother she had and then she and Ryan got super cute together. He has a plastic toy Horse, she has a My Little Pony. But I did not choose to go to war with them in a How the show's commercial success affected the music: "There came a moment when even Death Cab was like, 'Maybe we won't license this song and we'll start to separate our identity from the show a little bit' because they were so tied to the identity of the show.The coolest thing that started happening was bands that we'd never have been able to afford or who never would have given us permission were coming to us to ask us to world premiere their songs." The characters he wished had stuck around: "Well Luke, Anna, Jimmy Cooper in the first season. I used to like Seth—he was so rumpled and charming. But overall I was reminded why I stopped watching the show in the first place. It made me think, from here, that the original Sandy-Cohen-picks-up-Ryan thing, which is how it all started, of course, was a little creepy in and of itself.