We aren’t really accepting applications at the moment.And I don’t need any additional numbers to eventually block in my phone or new Instagram accounts to avoid when you suddenly change your mind about me.Just because you’re interested doesn’t mean I have to accept you.

It’s always the “nice guys” who seem to lead me into these situationships.

And if I haven’t learned anything by now, it’s that the single guys with 60-second pitches on their niceness all have the contagion of low self-esteem.

Being over-committed to under-responsible parties is a recipe for unnecessary heartache and time wasted for at least one person involved. I have the discretion to decide who can and cannot enter my life intimately.

If a man is pursuing me, I want to know how I benefit from the space he occupies from the start. That is a decision I no longer allow curious men to make for me.

But the consequences have taught me that loving too soon without commitment, consistency, and covenant is just as risky emotionally as it is with sex.

I think you need to build your confidence elsewhere.

It seems like each year I trek out to Los Angeles for the holidays, I have even the smallest of heartbreaks to report on. Not because of the way he was able to get my number after making an awful first impression.

Before writing this off as an ode to bitter, broken women, know this revelation is two-fold.

Asking for intentions is a simple request for an honest, objective conversation about the value of time between two consenting adults. Well, at least that’s what everyone else led me to believe.