Or what if you had mentioned to the endless-texter a cool new hiking spot you’ve discovered?

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Throughout dating literature and countless conversations amongst single women, it seems to be the general rule of thumb that men should be the initiators of every step of the dating process - from the first conversation, to the first date, to the first kiss and so on.

While it’s true that the dynamics between each coupling are different and should be treated as such, I fear that many eligible women are missing out by going radio silent.

More than 1 in 4 men told us they expected to be asked out, suggesting women could be having more dates (and probably better ones!

), if only they were more daring and starting asking more.

My guess is that you can, but are just now realising that those were opportunities after being blinded by that ever-present defence mechanism.

Luckily, the first step to solving this problem is recognising that you have it.

And if you feel strongly enough after reading this article, just go ahead and mention you would enjoy an opportunity to hang out again one on one.

Just remember that as you’re evaluating your initiating track record and determining how and when to move forward with your new mission, men are just as prone to being shy and insecure as girls, and sometimes all they need is a push in the right direction.

If you’ve felt that your love life has been pretty quiet the past few months, can you think of at least five instances in the past five months where you could have struck up a conversation with a guy but didn’t?