The movie went misunderstood, as did the book, though when war is involved that’s to be expected.

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How you treat women says a lot about who you are as a man and the power you have over yourself.

A man that wants to dominate a woman, to control her, to possess her doesn’t have the internal power that would and should fill these desires.

They hit you with a deeper understanding as to why we, men, are here, and what we’re capable of.

Many saw Kyle killing Iraqi’s, not enemies of you or I or good Iraqi’s.

Many saw a man who loved his job and thought it grotesque as his job was, essentially, to kill.

Though it’s easy to judge when you’re not privy to what the men and women who serve are put through, nor the cowards they fight or the people they defend – not you and I, but the Iraqi’s who want justice and freedom from the oppression from these evil groups and men.

It does more to bring women back than it does to bring them to a point where we live in a true meritocracy, where those who deserve and earn, are given what they’ve earned regardless of sex. When that message is hammered home and then freedom if it remains a tool and not your God.

The thing about films like this is that many men don’t need another excuse to treat women like shit, nor to see money as power and meaning in life. Money can allow you to do great things and live a life free from the financial worries that hang over most lives, but in earning it you must provide something that the market craves and needs.

It showed a man who spent 4 tours in Iraq who came home and struggled with fitting back into a society that, as I’m sure we can all admit, has our priorities completely upside down.

The transition wasn’t easy from warrior to family man, but Kyle found peace in his work with fellow veterans wounded physically or psychologically in battle.

Just read about this army of Scottish gymnasts called the Spartans, who invaded Spain for a competition and basically kicked some ass. I signed the @TIMESUPNOW solidarity letter & donated to the Legal Defense Fund.