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The actress, 37, was spotted kissing musician Danny Fujikawa while the two were out together in Los Angeles on Sunday.

In new photographs, Hudson is seen embracing Fujikawa as he leans in for a kiss while inside a smoothie shop.

Remember those few, juicy weeks where we thought that Brad Pitt was rebounding from Angelina Jolie with Kate Hudson?

Well, Hudson is finally opening up about it and if you were invested, gird your loins to be disappointed!

/ AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACON (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images) "A year ago today Danny took me on a hike and what I thought was just a hike with a family friend turned very quickly into an unexpected first date," she continued. In fact, it took months for him to make a first move!

""And as a kiss on this bridge would have been nice, the kiss a year later was so much sweeter," Hudson went on.“Kate had his arms around him and they kissed,” a source tells PEOPLE.“They definitely looked like more than friends.” After grabbing lunch nearby at Cafe Vida, the two were spotted heading back to Hudson’s house together. No, there's nothing true to that,'" she told Andy Cohen. Kate Hudson has a new man in her life — and he seems to be just her type.Kate Hudson is celebrating one year since her first date with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, and she's sharing some never-before-known details about their romance in the process.