Dolly often says that for a dream to come true, "you gotta put legs and wings and feet and hands and thought into it." Not one to sit back and wait for whatever might happen next, Dolly has always moved on and made the best of things, even her childhood hardships.

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"), but in her mind, she was already at the Grand Ole Opry.

She got there with her signature vibrato, heartfelt songwriting, and a lot of hard work.

People always ask the Dolly-Mama how to live a good life, but she doesn't like to tell anybody what to do.

Even her ubiquitous quote "If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain" isn't actually hers; it was just an old saying she was passing along.

"I hope to fall over dead onstage right in the middle of a song," she says. I'd gotten enough done, and I was making money.

"I'd be making music even if I had to sell records out of the back of my car." Photo: David Mc Clister Dolly doesn't look 70—and as far as she's concerned, she isn't. In my mind, I'll be 35 forever." She feels sexy, she says, and she's still a flirt.

(Somebody is finally getting the exclusive on Carl in May, when the pair renew their vows, sell the photos, and donate the proceeds to Imagination Library, Dolly's charity promoting children's literacy.) She and Carl have never argued, Dolly claims—though she will admit, "We might get pissy and say, ' Why don't you go out to the barn? That's her secret to a long and happy marriage, one that's somehow even survived show business: "He's always loved who I was, and I loved who he was, and we never tried to change each other." In the 52 years since she got off the bus in Nashville, Dolly's had 25 number one songs on the Billboard country chart.

Though country is slicker these days and she gets less play, she's not putting down her guitar pick anytime soon.

When she laughs and flashes those God-given dimples, she has a country girl's sweetness and a show girl's allure. Wherever she is, the sun is shining: In fact, she's just been named to the Happiness Hall of Fame, whose board includes philanthropists and psychologists. '" It's a funny line, but there's truth in it: Nobody writes some 3,000 country songs because she's being carried through life by cartoon bluebirds.

Her publicist presents her with the award, a crystal obelisk that Dolly handles carefully, so as not to break her acrylics. "—then records an acceptance speech for the induction ceremony at Stanford University's faculty club: "Most people think I'm happy all the time. "I'm not always happy—that would be a very shallow person," she says.

"Even if I knew for a fact that there was no God, I'd still believe." Dolly has always prayed, but she didn't get saved at a tent revival, with all that hooting and hollering.