Shirley’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her third great-grandfather, Magnus Manson.

Shirley’s paternal grandfather was William John Manson (the son of William Smith Manson and Margaret Jameson).

I took them in [and] played them for the record company. Before fronting Garbage, Manson played keyboards and sang back-up with Goodbye Mr.

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Back then: The band will on Friday release its sixth album, Strange Little Birds, 20 years after its 1995 self-titled debut that was a worldwide smash hit (pictured), selling four million copies worldwide Back: Now back in vogue with the predominance of electronic-driven music, Garbage is channelling the same aggressive, uncompromising spirit that made it a household name in the mid-late ‘90s.

Pictured in 2001 Definance: ‘We are not young and we weren’t when we started but I see a true defiant and rebellious spirit in my band and a refusal to back down or sit down or keep quiet,’ Shirley said.

“We were opening the show with the little piece of music that is the first track on ] – it’s not even really a song, per se.

It’s more of this atmospheric sort of piece that sets the tone of the record.

“I’m at the stage now where I feel like I’m able to forgive myself more,” she says.”If I do listen back to things I’ve recorded and I hear any mistakes or flaws on my part, I have to remind myself that it was the best I – and we – could possibly do at that time.

I know a lot of musicians who will spend hours lamenting and vetting over that sort of thing, but that’s just not the kind of person that I am.I remember starting to sing it, and I heard the crowd singing the words back at me.I was so shocked – the record had only been out a month or two, and that’s never really happened to us before.Though the shows have been split between material across their discography, Manson notes that the response to new material from the album being played live has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the band.“One thing that caught me by surprise was when we played at Central Park in New York back in July,” says Manson.In 1995, Garbage released its self-titled debut album, which went double platinum due to hits such as "Only Happy When It Rains," "Stupid Girl" and "Vow." Manson went on to release four more albums with Garbage, including Shirley Manson was born on August 26, 1966, in Edinburgh, Scotland.