After two years of dating, Brad and Jen got engaged, and started planning their lavish, Hollywood wedding, which took place on 29with Angelina Jolie.Nothing happened between Brad and Ange during filming, apparently, but Brad did say later on that it was during this time that he and Ange fell in love.

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And Sinitta, who is an ex-lover of famous faces like Brad Pitt and Simon Cowell, is now turning to the reality show for their matchmaking services.

A source confirmed the news to The Sun, and said: "Sinitta hasn't had the best of luck with men.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I was very nervous and found the date daunting.

I do prefer being in a relationship." It comes after a source claimed Sinitta has really high standards after previously dating Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt.

As Christina Applegate is forced to open up about ditching Brad Pitt mid-date in the 1980s, we remember some of his other surprising romances. Christina Applegate Christina Applegate notoriously dated Brad Pitt in the ’80s after showing up to the 1989 MTV Movie Awards together and ditching him mid-date for another man.

After being quizzed about the occassion during a game of ‘Plead The Fifth’ on the show, ‘What Happens Live’, Christina admitted that she ditched him for a non-celeb and also confirmed that it marked the end of their romance.

But as soon as they got married it all went wrong and they got divorced.

Brad Pitt might now be happily married – with many, many children – to Angelina Jolie, but he had quite the hectic love life before he finally settled down with the gorgeous brunette, and we’re not just talking about Jennifer Aniston.

I still fancy him - there are lots of things I find very attractive about him but I've been programmed to like Simon. If it were just about sex, our connection would've fizzled out years ago but it's more than that.