"Point blank, he is about football," Carrie said at the time."I don't know if it's that I'm not quite his type or whatever, but I don't think he's at the point in his life where he would be willing to sacrifice football.After dating Romo briefly in 2007, telling , “we broke up over text.” In addition to Underwood, Crawford did some bonding with Kim Kardashian in August.

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However, his relationship proceeded to become something of a controversy when Romo's performance sagged down the stretch.

And when the Cowboys were bounced from the playoffs in the Divisional playoff round, it was officially a problem for many people. As far as catches go, there aren't many on Jessica Simpson's level.

Romo and Crawford started dating in the summer of 2009, shortly after Romo's much-publicized breakup with Jessica Simpson.

One of the reasons there hasn't been much ink spent on behalf of their relationship is because her name simply isn't as big as Carrie Underwood's or Jessica Simpson's.

Carrie Underwood Says Dating Is Hard Sadly for conspiracy theorists, the Underwood-Romo breakup came two years after her single "Before He Cheats" detailed all of Carrie's intricate, if poorly thought-out, revenge fantasies (sweetheart, if you're going to destroy his leather seats, don't ).

No, the reason for their breakup just seems to have been a classic clash between career and family.

Besides the personal and professional life, Romo admires the feelings of his fans. It is stated that the value of his autography is increasing gradually and it may act as a gem inside NFL memorabilia collection. Moving back to the Tony Romo personal life, then previously, he had two pretty girlfriends, and now in 2018 spend life with the best wife in the world.

, says that the first song on the album, "Cowboy Casanova," is absolutely not about her ex-boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback and esteemed choke artist Tony Romo.

"I would never immortalize a guy that did me wrong," Carrie told might be the wrong word for having a Carrie Underwood song written about you—she's not exactly Carly Simon, you know? Carrie's been dating Ottawa Senators player Mike Fisher for about a year, and recently denied reports that they were planning to move into a cozy little love nest festooned with Sooners memorabilia and maple leaves.