Michelle recently revealed that she is dating a new guy and has been flaunting him on her social media accounts.

who was k michelle dating that beat her-18

Drag Queen Way = back alley butt injections, mentions an incident where she and So So Def singer Dondria went to Hitz’ house and vandalized it by “ripping up flowers out the ground” they then honked horn of a car while calling him an abuser. Michelle has always kind of twisted the truth to fit her.

K also continues to mention a man named Glen Delgado who can corroborate her story. I could tell when I listened to her interview on The Breakfast Club most recently that she “adjusts the truth” for her benefit.

She signed her first record contract with Jive Records in 2008.

She was also a star on the reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Now Bossip learns exclusively that Memphitz was right, he didn’t beat her at all. Michelle to court over the defaming allegations that he was an abuser. She said she did not have a black eye as she lead many to believe.

She did say she had a bleeding cut/scrape and carpet burn from crawling and being dragged, but then said that Hitz only hit her with a water bottle. She said she had no bruises but was sore the next day as if she had an extensive work out. Michelle about an alleged text message K says Hitz saying that he was going to kill her son, K didn’t answer that directly either.When asked, K admitted that “Hitz Committee” paid for her breast implants and veneers, they did not pay for her butt augmentation.According to K, she paid for that herself and it had it done “the drag queen way” and doesn’t have proof of payment.As the 16-year-old daughter of celebrities, Reginae is often the source of ridicule and internet trolls. Maybe you made a few bad decisions in the past, but I’m not the fault for it. I’m here for him and I’ll continue to be a supportive wife. What people don’t realize is that there’s always three sides to a story. But one thing I can say…a marriage is different from a relationship. Things have been crazy…but my advice to my daughter is to be a woman. She talked to She also revealed a few candid anecdotes about what Toya and Lil Wayne have told her about boys! The real definition of a woman is to be there through thick and thin. There is a lot of stuff going on with the label Young Money/Cash Money, but I’m signed to my father’s label Young Money. “He thought she was unbelievably talented, like a female R.