Life can be hard out there for a bisexual person, especially when it comes to finding love.As data is increasingly revealing (and as all openly bisexual people have known for years), identifying as bisexual actually significantly contracts your dating pool, by eliminating all those people who are unwilling, for one reason or another, to contemplate having a bisexual romantic partner.

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For one, they failed to ascertain the sexual orientation of the respondents, so we can't categorize the results into straight or LGBTQ; that could have been a really valuable insight into different community attitudes to dating bisexual people. And finally, they didn't investigate further than whether the subjects would want to date a bisexual person; they didn't provide any opportunity to explain why, or why not.

Possibly they worried that this would make respondents uncomfortable.

Some don't come clean about it until a little way into a relationship; others, like me, deliberately test the waters on the first date by mentioning ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, to see if the person has any issues.

(I did this so successfully on my first date with my now-husband that he assumed I was gently hinting that I was a lesbian and therefore not interested.

"Bisexual women are often assumed to be in it to titillate men, whereas bisexual men are assumed to be gay men who are not brave enough to come out as gay," Meg John Barker of Bi UK told Refinery29 back in May.

This exposes the problematic situation for bisexual men in its full light.But frankly, when it comes to this issue, I think it's important to put people right up against their own prejudices.What is it about bisexuality that seems to make a non-ideal partner?But the fact that bisexuals are, as Thought Catalog puts it, often viewed as "in denial" and "testing the waters" feeds into the myth that the identity can't be trusted.The problem is exacerbated, as is clear in Adam & Eve's numbers, for bisexual men.I've been feeling like a freak, but they are so much alike.—Anonymous Fear not, Anon.